20ft Shipping Container


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The 20ft shipping container is weatherproof, resilient, and affordable, and was designed and built for security, mobility, and transportation. The most popular and widely available industry size is the 20-foot shipping container.

With our custom design choices, you can customize the shipping container to match your needs.

External dimensions Internal dimensions
Length: 20′ (6.58m) Length: 19′ (5.80m)
Width: 8′ (2.44m) Width: 7′ 8” (2.34m)
Height: 8′ 6” (2.62m) Height: 7′ 10” (2.38m)
Doors Weight 
Width: 7′ 8” (2.34m) 5,072 lbs. (2,300 kg)
Height: 7′ 5” (2.26m)
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20ft Shipping Container
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